Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013
Hey, Everyone!

Thank you for all the wonderful well wishes and kind words. It has been an unforgettable birthday, not just because it’s probably the only birthday I will ever have where it was pouring and freezing the whole time, but because it was a birthday where I could think a little bit less about myself and focus a little bit more on others. We had a pretty fun day. Elder Marte was sick and Elder Durrant stayed with him in the house almost all day, but Elder Carter and I got stuff done at church. Victor and Lesley gave me a cool Chilean hat, the Primary kids sang to me, and Pamela came to church again! She is great; we just need to get Cesar on board and we can get this train MOVIN’!
It has been a fun week, although it has been super tough. We have been getting into very few houses--not sure what’s going on there, but we are going to make the changes to really see the blessings this week. I want to have this week be the best that I have ever had here in this sector because cambios roll around at the end of the week, and, more than likely, I won’t be here next week, which makes me very sad but very excited for Elder Durrant (and more than anything excited to leave this nasty house behind) and excited for the progress I have seen with the ward, the people, and in myself.
We have been studying the Christ-like attributes section of Preach My Gospel; I think hope and patience have been my favorites. Anyone who doesn’t have a copy of Preach my Gospel, I invite to go out and get one and read it; it is definitely an inspired book.
I had a neat experience yesterday. At night, we did an FHE with Pamela and her hubby, Cesar, and their daughter, Starlyn. They made us sopaipillas, we made them an Oreo dessert, and we all watched the Restoration--but I saw it from a different perspective this time--there is an underlying message in that movie that targets the fathers, the slackers. There are like three scenes that are randomly in there that talk about Joseph Smith, Sr., that were perfect for Cesar, and the scene of him getting baptized at the end--it was good stuff. I’m excited for this next week!
Anyways, we are going to be working hard, trying to stay dry and warm, trying to fix the large amount of skin problems I am having, and just have a great week. So pray for us, especially Elder Durrant! He is in charge this week. I’m going to let him lead the sector! I’ll just be sleeping in the back seat. Ha ha, just joshin’. We are going to be working like dogs to get some people progressing towards baptism!
Have a great week, everyone!
Elder Brown

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