Monday, August 19, 2013

August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013
Hey, Everyone!
Another cambio has come to an end. That is scary. And with that cambio, I enter the double digits of cambios. I have now used out nine agendas--this is my tenth. Gotta live it up!
Big news in the world of Mision Chile Concepcion--a whole lot going on! These cambios were crazy for us. I will be.... drumroll, please.... going to Tome!  A great beach city that they say is even prettier (but just as Evangelical) as Penco. And I will be with ELDER SAENZ AGAIN!!!!! WE ARE BACK!!!!!! President A actually called me last night to tell me that, such a nice guy, he said he hadn’t known that but that he was excited for us and knew that we were going to work our best. Which are all true things, it’s just nice to hear it from President, too!
And the entire Penco zone is changing. The ward I was in, Valle Hermoso, is losing two missionaries. Elder C is back in the States as of tomorrow, and I am out. Elder D and Elder M will be combining resources there! Super bold cambio--that is going to be great for them and great for the ward. Very inspired. Elder M will now be district leader there, and they are moving in two elders to be zone leaders in a different ward in Penco, the Krav ward. So some fun changes coming up, should help the zone a lot.
I am actually going to be taking the spot of Elder G there in Tome! So that is really cool as well. I just am super excited-- packing stinks and saying goodbye to this ward is tough but this is going to be great. Tons of fun.
That’s about it in Chile news. We have been having lots of fun, I made a huge cake with Pablito which was neat, my skin is in the pits with some weird rash (stumped the doctors again, go me, spent the entire morning Saturday there with no results, so that was fun). But they say that just washing it with antibacterial soap really well might help, which I’ve been doing, and it seems to be helping. Maybe a bit. So hopefully that gets figured out.
Excited for this next cambio! Sounds like everything is going well at home, busy with M&V stuff. I’ll be praying, hopefully it all goes swimmingly. Or at least dogpaddlingly. Ha ha. Yeah, I’m pretty clever.
That’s about it from my end. Love you all. Hopefully I’ll have good reports of a great progressing zone next week! Have a great week, everyone! Say hi to all the Duke people--how crazy that you saw Bro Rogerson! He is the best--they all are!
Chow chow,
Elder Brown

So long, Penco!

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