Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

Hey, Everyone!

Wow. Crazy day, crazy week. The mission just changed a ton. Completely new standards of excellence, complete changes. Everything is much more simple now, and I’m really excited to apply the things we learned from consejo today!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First things first... it’s been a crazy week. Started it off with going to Quirihue for the day. It’s three hours of travel, super out in the fields, and mountains, and forest, super pretty. So great.

Then we came back to Tome and had some good days. Elders coming and staying with us in our house for a new conference they had. We did some divisions, and then stake conference was also this week! Elder Saenz and I asked the assistants if we could go to Penco (Penco and Valle Hermoso are part of the same stake as Tome but they hold two different sessions, in two different buildings), and they gave us the green light--SUPER AWESOME!!!! We saw all the VH members, reminisced, and then went in the afternoon to Tome for the second session and didn’t have seats, so we had to spend two hours standing, watching from the corner.

So, good times. Super busy, super fun, very stressful, and not much sleep. I’ve been running, which is good, and hopefully it will start to get warm soon. Tome continues to be awesome, tons of hills, but it is all good. We are super excited this week to keep working hard and being obedient.

This week I studied Ether 12. Fabulous chapter, I really love vs. 19 and 21, about how things we see with the eyes of faith become reality by our works, and how as we see the finger of the Lord, He will reveal to us the rest. Start the reaction, and see the rest take off and EXPLODE! Great stuff. Now I’m going to apply it with the ward. 

Love you all a ton! Say hi to everyone! I’m doing well. Skin is... better..... legs at least. Now it’s just the face... dry from the cold. Ugh. 

Love you all! 
Elder Brown
Julian and Valeria, "golden!"

"Service project with Sergio and Luis. In flannel--yes, I did become a lumberjack in Chile."

Loving Tome!

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