Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

Hello, hello! 

Well, it has been another crazy week in the wonderful Mision Concepcion. Not much sleep (more running, though, so that’s been great), some great conferences with Elder Gonzalez of the Area Presidency, and some fun times with the Elders! It’s been crazy.

Started off well, after a great consejo [counsel] from last Monday, Elder Saenz and I gave the zone class to present all of these great and inspired changes to the zone. More than anything, it is a change  in attitude with the members—basically, everything we do now needs to be unified with the members--if we do things on our own and without them, it is almost even worse for the ward-- just makes people more tied to us and, when we leave, what happens? Those people are gone as well. So we watched some videos, did some practices, and explained the changes. Still not quite sure how they all work yet either, but we are working on it. Coming along. 

Then Friday all morning we had conference with Elder Gonzalez. The Elders from Quirihue and Dichato both came and slept with us--8 elders in our house that has a capacity of two... not fun. But it worked, and we made it to Conce at 6:30 in the morning for Dunkin Doughnuts and Elder Gonzalez. Great consejo, and the next day he came and talked to just the leadership of the mission--it was amazing. He talked about “Doctrine, Principles, and Applications.” One principle he explained is of presenting things and allowing others to accept them, not just forcing things on others. For example, asking them how things can bless them, not just telling them. They were some neat ideas that we all have heard before at some point but definitely needed reminding, and could yield much more committed investigators. 

Then on Sunday, we had a good day, and today we did a great zone activity! We grilled meat and chorizo on the beach, ate lemon bars the sisters made, and played volleyball and catch and stuff! We also explored a neat cave kind of thing. So that was really neat; the whole zone seemed to really enjoy it—it gave us a little boost of enthusiasm in the zone hopefully. 

We are having lots of fun! Really enjoying my time here. Hope everyone is doing well, enjoying school, etc. We officially passed August--celebration time in Chile! 18 de Septiembre comin up, I hear it’s a blast! 

This week, more craziness ahead. Another conference, minicambios, interviews in Quirihue y Coelemu, super far away, and lots of preaching of the word!! It’s amazing what sharing the gospel does to people, to the members, to us--there is no better way to feel the power of the Spirit and the love of God than by sharing it with others. I like what Dad said--when we can love others for who they are and the divine potential they have, forget ourselves, and just go make things happen, we can see changes in them and changes in ourselves. Great stuff. 

Well, that’s all for now! Have a great week everyone! Love to everyone!

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