Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 26, 2014

Last week, Zach didn't have time to write us a full letter; luckily, we had had a great Skype visit with him the day before (Mother's Day), so we survived. Here's what he sent this week:

May 26, 2014

Well family, and friends, and all, heelloooooo!!!!

We have been practicing being firm but loving, and we have started to see some good changes. Being responsible for these missionaries has really taught me a lot of patience, and love, and the need to be firm sometimes. I am thankful for that; I’m sure it will serve me very well later in life. 

We went to Concepcion for council today, had some great talks. This week, we had a slow week as far as the finding goes but I love my companion. We have just kept up a great attitude, and we are working hard. We had found no one the entire week, which is an embarrassment, after really working at it, and were feeling kind of down, but just kept doing the work and Sunday night we found a great lady that accepted baptism and learning more! She has a lot of problems but I have the faith, and we are going to start on the works to help the Lord get her there. Her name is J.; Pray for her!

I have to run. It’s been a crazy day! But I will see you next week! Love to all!

Elder Brown
This and the following five photos are from a great P-day activity on May 18 that involved a big hike to some steam vents. He said they smelled really terrible (sulfur) but it was beautiful, and he found snow, which he was excited about.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 12, 2014

Zach did not write a full letter to everyone this week, since we Skyped with him yesterday for Mother's Day, but he did include the following in a brief letter to Candace telling about a little miracle they experienced this week:

"Our plan this week to find people is to keep talking with everyone, and to mix things up. We want to try some new stuff to find people that we have never tried before; maybe it will bring results. If you want to see results you've never had before, you have to try things you've never tried before! So we are hopefully going to find lots of families. 

"Cool story: Right before walking into the chapel to Skype y'all, I got a weird random call, he said it was some guy in prison, and asked for our help for his wife and son that are struggling. So that was cool--Elder H had taught this family months ago. Then, after Skyping, we were returning the laptop to a member and saw the exact lady in the street! We talked to her and are going by today--maybe it's her time now!"

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

Hello everyone!

I hope the week has been good--this week has tested our faith for us, but Satan ain’t a-gonna get us down! We have been talking with everyone despite all the rain, and the zone has done the same! They are getting converted! Huzzah!

We are finding lots of people to teach but no one is really making progress right now. That is different than other sectors I have been in; it has been harder to get into houses but when you get in they are usually pretty interested. Here they let you in and just want to talk about the United States or how Catholic or Evangelical they are. But whatever. I can work with that. 

We went to Conce this week, and I resolved the problems I was having with the Chilean police over not changing my address; they were nice about it. Probably not the first time they’ve dealt with clueless Mormon missionaires. We had a long ride in a double decker bus home which was cool, and then it rained all week. That has pretty much been our week. We have taught some good lessons, seen some miracles with a few families. One that sticks out is the inactive gentleman we taught a lesson to and, on Sunday, he came to church and bore his testimony. So that was pretty neat. And we also taught a girl that said she was atheist when she opened the door but then let us in and we taught here. That was cool, too. She is pretty interested, so we hope there are some possibilities there. 

There is lots to do here! I love this sector and my companion, and the zone is making good progress! Keep praying for us to find prepared families please!

Elder Brown