Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 12, 2014

Zach did not write a full letter to everyone this week, since we Skyped with him yesterday for Mother's Day, but he did include the following in a brief letter to Candace telling about a little miracle they experienced this week:

"Our plan this week to find people is to keep talking with everyone, and to mix things up. We want to try some new stuff to find people that we have never tried before; maybe it will bring results. If you want to see results you've never had before, you have to try things you've never tried before! So we are hopefully going to find lots of families. 

"Cool story: Right before walking into the chapel to Skype y'all, I got a weird random call, he said it was some guy in prison, and asked for our help for his wife and son that are struggling. So that was cool--Elder H had taught this family months ago. Then, after Skyping, we were returning the laptop to a member and saw the exact lady in the street! We talked to her and are going by today--maybe it's her time now!"

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