Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

Greetings to all!

 A very merry week before Halloween! We are looking into jack-o-lanterns this year, Elder Rhodes and I, not sure how the Chileans missed out on understanding that you have to sell whole pumpkins around Halloween, but they did. But, so help me, I will be cutting a face into a squash this year, one way or another.

It has been a great week! E was baptized on Saturday. We put a little more effort into really make it a great experience, and it went well. The members did pretty much everything, it was great. The new bishop here is great, and I am sure that the ward will see great changes with him.

We also have been teaching G, who came to church! She is a nice older lady who really wants to learn and come to church, so that is good.

Having lots of fun; this morning, Elder Rhodes and I went on a cool long trail run (not that long, it was super muddy, fun stuff) to see a little waterfall we had hear about but it wasn’t actually that cool. Kinda cool, but not that cool. Thinking about maybe doing more trail runs after the mish, like one of those crazy runs like the Squaw Peak fifty. That would be Bacon (shout out to Elder Carter).

It’s amazing to see the progress in people as they change their lives and learn that accepting Christ is more than just empty words, but making changes. I have been studying Jesus the Christ, and it’s interesting to see just how perfect His example really was, and how everything that Christ taught was meant to be applied. Those that speak and don’t apply, as he pointed out many times, are the hypocrites and will fall under the heaviest condemnation. Yikes. Sounds like I have work to do...

Anyways, we are working hard to be diligent and talk with lots more people as Elder Ballard says! The work is great and will go on!

Love you all and have a great week!
Elder Brown 

October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Hi, Everyone!

It has been a fun week, very busy for Barrio Tomé! The bishop of the ward changed on Sunday, to a great member, Bishop Muñoz! He is going to make huge changes in the ward here; we are excited for the progress we are going to see there. Also, we have been working very hard with E; he was able to have an interview, receive a response, and is good for his baptism next Saturday! He is really a great, fun guy, from a great member family. 

This week has been crazy, I went on a minicambio to Dichato with ma boy Elder Mariano, a Brasileño, very hard to understand his Spanish still, but I am learning Portugese, which is good! Had a great time there, very pretty place, big change from Tome! 

Today we also visited a cool long train tunnel out between Lirquen and Tome, neat stuff. They say a troll lives in it.

It’s been a fun week, and we are looking forward to a great next week! Halloween’s coming up. Hey, I didn’t hear anything about Dad’s birthday! But happy birthday, Dad! If I remember correctly, it’s in October. 

Been running a lot, it’s been nice. I did some full sit-ups the other day in Dichato in one of these inclined bench things and I’m still sore. Embarrassing. But my legs from all the hills and running are to be reckoned with.

Love you all a lot. The church is true. Live the gospel and be happy, that’s how it works. Everything we do is to serve the Lord, all the rest in the long run just isn’t that important!
Have a great week!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Hello, Everyone!

Gotta write fast—I’m being waited for by all the elders. Short on time this week, gotta go to Conce. Just wanted to say I love you all, that conference was awesome, and now it’s on us to study and apply the words of the living prophets--and to share it with everyone! The work of salvation depends on every one of us! 

Work hard, play hard, and have a great week! We will be doing the same here. Thanks for all your examples and support.

Elder Brown

Zach living out his childhood dreams, "fighting the good fight," as his favorite scripture goes.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013


Just thought about this--You know how Megamind says hello weird? That’s actually how Chileans say it, and how you are supposed to yell at people’s gates so they come open the door. Weird, huh? But, there ya go.
It has been an interesting week. In the end, a great week for progress--E came to church again this week and accepted to prepare for the 12th of October to be baptized! We are super excited and really going to be doing our best praying for him to search and receive his response. He has real desires to learn, always does his reading, and is progressing very well. We are looking for others just like him, families, to accept the gospel of Christ, as well.
We have also been working with the sister missionaries and with the ward as a whole. The sisters here are great missionaries, making things happen, we are just trying to keep up. We have had some great FHEs and ward activities. I love the members here, we have some very converted consecrated disciples of Christ here in Tome.
We had a minicambio this week with Elder R, he came with both me and Elder R, it was fun. Elder R is the man, so is Elder R, reminisced old times. Elder R is headed home today, which is super sad. The mission is going to be completely different without him here, he is one of the last of that generation. Now it’s our time to shine, meaning me and Elder R, Elder R only got to Chile six weeks before me!
Working hard, having fun. Went on a super pretty long run with Elder Rhodes along the beach all morning, lots of fun. And General Conference this week! I am excited. Hopefully we can watch it in English!
Chau from Chile,
Elder Brown