Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

Hey, Everyone!

It has been a great week. Trying to really change the focus to make some more things happen in this sector, really all by way of the members! We are trying to make some changes so that we can find people that are really interested in being taught. But it’s going to start with some good practices--we have a lot to improve in our actual lessons. But we are sure that the Lord has a lot of blessings waiting for us, and we are trying to be the missionaries to deserve those blessings.
We had interviews with President on Tuesday; he has a ridiculously awesome house. I would send pics but I forgot my camera cord. Next time. President Arrington is a completely different man than President Humphreys was but has such inspired advice. Just a reminder that even those new to the mission are qualified for the callings they have. We had a good interview and then all that afternoon I was with Elder Rees; we went in the assistants’ truck to Concepcion to be with one of their investigators that’s getting divorced in order to get baptized, to the lawyer’s. It was up in one of the classiest offices in Concepcion, big tall building way up in the sky with all the big shots, ahoy! That was a new experience. Then we worked, taught Law of Chastity to Pamela, thought it went well. And then the next morning had a great study time. He’s a really inspired missionary and guy and I always learn a ton from him.
We also did some more baptismal interviews for other sectors this week. The sisters have a bunch of really, really great investigators right now; it’s pretty awesome to see them go. We are trying to follow their example in that regard. The Kimballs, one of the mission’s elderly couples, brought me my packages one night, that was sweet. Big win with the cookies, Mom, and waiting for the 4th to open the rest.
So then Pamela was avoiding us kind of but finally, yesterday, we were able to talk it out. She had felt offended [by the Law of Chastity discussion] and obligated, though I really feel like we didn’t really say anything. So we just apologized but firmly explained that it is not just a thing of the church but a commandment of God that marriage is a holy institution, etc, etc, etc. We felt inspired to teach about the Book of Mormon, and we explained how that is the key. If that book is true, everything else is, as well. So we left them a part, with the invitation to pray, and we will go back tomorrow to see. Hopefully both her and her pareja can make the right choices.
With Elder Rees, we studied the talk, "Where is Thy Pavilion," by President Eyring. I had been wondering how to feel more spiritually guided all the time, and we had a good talk about how we sometimes put that barrier between us and revelation, how often it comes from where our desires are, where our motivations are. It was a good moment of self reflection to figure out what I am doing here--the quote Dad gave me from Plato stands out. “Man does not live for himself alone.” So, with that attitude, I am looking forward to keep trying to humbly serve the Lord and give Him my all. If we do it all for Him, it´s all about them. With that focus, I think everything else will just follow.
It’s a process, but I feel I have been progressing a lot and am excited for this next week. Lots to do and grow, but what’s better than that?! It would be too easy if it were any other way, right?!
Hope everyone is doing great. Live up the summer, all that tennis, running, hikes, swimming, golf, etc. Love you all! For my birthday meal, I hope you all eat some good avocado and tomato and mayonnaise hotdogs (completos) for me!
Chao chao
Elder Brown

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