Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013
Hey, Everyone!
As we have put a lot more trust in the Lord and really just searched how we can do things His way better, we have had a lot more successful of a week as far as teaching goes--also all the focus that we have been putting on our recent converts is finally paying off--they were almost all at church this week, it was awesome! Even with them all, though, the attendance was low--we are really putting a big focus on doing a lot more activities and everything to get the members excited to come. We have been going around to a lot of people, as well, just trying to help them understand the importance of keeping their covenants TODAY. Alma 34. A great chapter to help people feel some godly sorrow and repent. Which we all need, am I right or am I right?!
We had some really good days--Just a chill p-day in Penco, ate some greasy food, slept, got some haircuts (that took forever). Tuesday it rained hard all day, that was real good stuff. Good news was that more people let us in! We made this week a big focus on this one family, Yeni and Andres and their kids, but they aren’t married and are living in really bad circumstances so it has been tough. We are really helping them, though, and they were excited for church but, at the last second, something happened and they couldn’t come. That would have been the perfect end to the week but instead we will just have to wait until next week. Unfortunate.
We saw some real blessings in the district, though--the sisters of Lirquen have just come alive and are taking over the town. They have been working very hard and seeing a lot of blessings--we are very excited for the people they have, as well as the possibilities we have in our own sector.
We had fun half celebrating July 4th--got a bunch of little cakes and cookies and junk and roasted Twinkies over a half fire for the five minutes we had to spare that night. But it was worth it. Great times.
Also, we had a great conference on Friday! Met President Arrington, he is a great man and really had some inspired words, as well as his wife who just seems so nice and excited to be here. They both are very inspired and clearly excited to be here, although definitely seem a little overwhelmed. The Assistants just kind of have the mission on their back right now!
Helped take off a roof this week; I think by the time I leave Chile I will know how to build an entire house. I can already do the walls, and the roof--electriciy might be tricky but who needs that anyways. These Chileans sure don’t. Wood stoves is where it’s at. That’s really all you need--and bread and mate. That sums up a Chilean winter pretty much.
We have had a much better and more spiritual week as we have really just depended on the Lord more. We are going to keep working hard and just doing the best that we can! We are here to serve and we are going to live up to the great callings we have. And reach all the potential the Lord has for us!
Love you all! Thanks for all the letters and the prayers! Keep praying for us in the cold and rain!
Elder Brown
 Roasting Twinkies to celebrate the Fourth of July with Elder Durrant

One of the young men from the ward made them this great flag

Making peanut butter cookies with Francisco, Romina, Victor, and Lesly

 Spending good times with Elder Saenz, Elder Carter, and Elder Blomfield at the conference with his new president, President Arrington.

Taking off a roof, crowbar in hand. They call a crowbar a "diablo," which means "devil." Wonder why?

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