Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

Hey, Everyone!

It has been a great week. As far as teaching investigators goes, it was a very slow week. We are really trying to make things happen here but it has been tough. We had a GREAT activity on Saturday, like a little mini Plan of Salvation. I feel like we did it in our ward once, as well. There were a bunch of games and everything and then the lights cut, death, and we all went to be judged. Some good messages about eternal families, and a really great attendance. Way more than actually come to church! The next day, we had ward conference and the attendance was way low. I played the piano for two special numbers, it went well, but none of our investigators came. So it was sad, we had a lot of hope for them to finally come. They were really committed well but at the last second they had to leave town. 

So we are just trying to do what the apostles and prophet said: Use our members. The culture of the mission is still hard, though; it’s hard changing the focus from just knocking doors to being with members more. For my whole mission to this point, spending time with members has been like the disobedient, time-wasting, back-up plan to go chill with a member when plans fall, but now it’s like the thing we should be doing. So we are trying to find a way to really do it effectively, instead of just knocking doors. We have some good plans of what we are going to teach but we can only do so much. 

More than anything, the thing that saddens me most is that only one of our recent converts is really coming to church. We visit all of them, they all tell us they are good to come, but then they don’t. It is hugely frustrating and sad that only a month or two after their baptism they are already inactives to add to an already very long list of names. And it’s not really something we can do, it depends on the members to get involved and fellowship, bring people back. So we need a serious change in perspective in the membership here in Chile, and maybe more than anything a change in priority. 

I am very tired these days. Kind of feeling a little worn out but I am sure that as we really keep working hard with a willing heart and mind, doubting not and fearing not, the Lord will give us miracles. That last part of D and C 6 might be my favorite of the week, with all the pressure and just the lack of success we are having teaching, being the example for the district and my hijo, and not a whole lot of prospects for July, I am sure that the Lord really just has it all figured out. Just some more dross getting burned off, I hope.

Missing the lovely Provo weather a lot, and all the running and tennis and everything that I am sure is going down! But there is still nothing better than being one of the chosen servants of the Lord to save the people here in Valle Hermoso! 

I hope all is well with everyone and that you are all really able to put the focus on the spiritual things that are happening in your lives. I think, personally, the coolest spiritual experience I have had this week is just seeing the ward really all coming together to pull off a great activity. That was really awesome; and, I am just so happy for Lirquen A, Hermana Oldroyd (the Glaziers cousin) who was able to finally get HENRY baptized! He is so great, and that’s so exciting for them. The work is going forward; it’s time for everyone to get involved. We have been sharing D&C 38:27 a ton. If we are not one, we are not his. 

Love you all a lot! Play some great tennis for me! Ooo, and take some good hikes! 

 Clowning around with Elder Durrant.

 On the first exercise bike he'd seen in quite awhile.

 This little pepper was supposed to be really hot, but it really wasn't at all.

 Pablito's magical elvish bread--one bite and you're full for three days!

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