Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Hello, Everyone!

It’s been a fun week! H. passed his baptismal interview at the last second and got baptized (in a freezing font in the middle of a huge rainstorm) then confirmed in the sacrament meeting the next day. So that was the highlight of the week. Super great guy, really happy for him.

Other than that, we are seeing some problems in the zone for stupid stuff—it’s good, though, because it’s all stuff that Elder G. and I are getting over lately so now we can totally testify from heart how to do it. It’s great. Just nitpicky stuff about people wanting more cleanliness in the house and others doing nothing (I know how this one goes all too well), as well as just some general unkindness, pride, and just some missionaries feeling bad about not having the success they are wanting. The good thing is tomorrow, being the first Tuesday of the month, we are going to have the chance to teach a classic zone class; we have a lot of great ideas-- this is going to be a classic. 

We taught a great lesson the other night to R. and E. We were teaching about marriage and charity to get these chambones married at some point but still nothing going on, and they are still bickering constantly to us. They talked at us for like ten minutes straight, just pure complaints about ‘she does this,’ ‘he does that,’ and then an idea came to me. Revelation. We cut it, and I was like, look, now we are going to go in a circle and say one thing we LOVE about our comp. I started, went in a circle, they got all quiet, awkward, and then we went around the second time, and then told them that’s what they need to do and peaced out. But hopefully we finally see some progress with that marriage. I really just want them to be members--they are so great, and so ready. I feel like if for no other reason, I needed to be in Chiguayante for them, and their two small future missionary boys.

Today we had our leadership council again, and then played paintball after! It was fun, even the mission presidente and his wife played! Neat stuff. I imagine it’s even more fun when all the equipment is good and stuff and no one cheats but whatever.

We are having fun and growing in the zone! SOOOOOO pumped for General Conference this weekend! And Priesthood session! We are going to bring all of Chiguayante to hear the prophets voice.

Love you all!
Elder Brown

Exciting baptism day!

Paintballing with President and Sister A

Camo wearing with Elder G

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