Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

Hello, Everyone!

Not a lot of time this week because I accidentally erased the whole informe and had to do it all over again. Way to go, Brown.

But it has been a week of miracles! Just gonna talk about miracles in this email. First, we had Elder Zeballos come, a Seventy, and he gave a conference. It was amazing and became yet another point in my mission that is going to make me better. Other miracle--seven of our investigators came to church this week. That was awesome. It has been so long but, finally, we are starting to see some possibilities opening up in the sector. Biggest miracle—S., the lady that was reading a Liahona when we knocked her door randomly, finally came to church! We had completely given up on her, on Thursday we went and she just kept saying that church isn’t a commandment, that she is Catholic, etc, so we bore testimony, cried in our souls, and left. BUT SHE CAME. I was playing the piano, the closing hymn, and looked up and randomly saw her, just about started crying right then and there. Wow. That was an answer to prayers right there. Some much-needed fruits, just one of those reminders that even when we feel like nothing is working out, the Lord is always there helping things along.

Cambios were today but I am staying in Chiguayante with Elder G. So we are going to have another six weeks to see miracles here, and then most likely I will head to my last sector. Weird. Lots to do, very excited for this time-- and general conference!
I love you all!

Elder Brown

Zach and Elder G eating at Mamut, which he calls "Chile's answer to The Texas Embassy in London," which is where his grandparents and their missionaries always went for "real" American food--Zach says Mamut isn't exactly "real" American food, but as close as they can get, and they love it!

The Chiguayante Zone before transfers on March 11.

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