Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

Hello, hello! 

All the little kids here yell that at us--that and, "One, two, tree, one, two, tree, was yer name, was yer name" and other things that kind of sound like really bad words... The other day, a little kid in the street, like eight years old, with his mom right there, asked me what some profanities in English meant: kinda shocked me at first and then I told him that it means, "I want to be Mormon!" The mom laughed--but then they accepted to get baptized in three weeks. Ha ha, just kidding, that would be cool, though!

We have seen some amazing growth this week. All the missionaries are working super hard, even with some tough days, what with the holidays and all. Ain’t nobody want to talk with missionaries on New Years’, what with all the alcohol. Not even the members! On New Years’ Day, I think we woke up people in every single house we went to. Good stuff. 

Amazing to see the contrast between the poverty and vice in this sector compared to the peace and hope that the Gospel brings. We have been teaching a family recently, who live in a block that shouldn’t have people living in it—it’s condemned and everything. But they have gotten super active, and it is amazing going to that place, feeling so dark all around, and then entering their house with pictures of Jesus, the temple, and a happy little family all around and the Spirit there. And the awesome thing is that their neighbors are starting to feel it, too-- this Friday, we are doing an FHE in the chapel, and inviting ALL of them! So pray for that, we really have a great chance to change all these people’s lives, maybe save some of their kids from the same future even. 

We have been having fun and working hard. I get along real well with Elder Solari but it is hard finishing the mission. I think when it’s my turn, I’m not going to tell anyone when I’m finishing; the members love to talk about it and that’s when it gets rough. Poor old missionary. Thank goodness that ain’t me!

Today we are going to go check out the Huascar, a Peruvian ship that the Chileans beat in battle and is now in the harbor, supposed to be really cool but usually closed Mondays but we have a hookup in our sector. Gonna be sweet.

The gospel is true! Have a great week everyone!
Elder Brown

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