Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Greetings from Chiguayante, Concepion, Chile, the Southern Hemisphere, where there is sun, and there might be a war starting soon! But more on that later…

It’s been a good week--Elder S headed home today! Crazy, feels super weird to send some missionaries off; he was super sad but excited at the same time. And just when we were starting to see some results from all our efforts here! But I think he felt good that, in the end, what he did here has helped and we have been able to start changing the attitude of this ward.

Saying goodbye to Elder S

This week F had her baptism! It was awesome; they are an amazing family. They brought some neighbors, as well, who were asking about when they can get baptized as well... “Um, you tell us?!” So that was great, and there example is helping all the ward. The M family has also been bringing their friend M, who is really interested, a great guy, and progressing well. So we are very excited about all the possibilities for this cambio.

My new companion... drumroll, please... is going to be Elder G! He is Chilean, from Santiago. He was a district leader in Tome when I was zone leader there, so I already know him really well, we have had some great times together, and he is a very diligent, obedient, excited, buena onda missionary that is going to help us get stuff done here. I am super excited for this cambio and for all the progress that the zone can have. 

Also this week, I gave a talk with last minute notice--we were confirming F and the bishop asked me right there, two minutes before, if I could speak for ten minutes. The great thing about the mission is that is just like not even a scary thing—it’s a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY! Of course, wanting to share something that would show love but bring out the missionary in everyone and invite them to repentance and encourage them to be better, Elder Holland came to mind. Luckily, I’ve watched the talk he gave in the MTC about Feed My Sheep enough times to have it memorized, so I just gave that. No one caught it, I don’t think, and it was pretty powerful. If talks had copyrights, though, I’d be toast. But I think Elder Holland would be just fine with it.

We had a fun water activity in the ward, as well, on Saturday--people showed up, we cleaned all the chairs and tables, at the same time having a water fight. It was awesome. Great to see the ward all coming together for stuff like that, feels more like a family. Then we basically had NdH and fiestas all week for Elder Solari leaving. We tried to stay diligent and get stuff done, and it worked--we picked up 3 great new investigators this week, and they are all friends of members, go to church with them, and are all interested in coming closer to Christ, following Him, and getting baptized. Amazing blessings. 

The firemen came to hose down the chairs (and us)

I have been working hard to get pumped for this cambio, to work hard and give a great example to Elder G, as well as our new district leaders. Also to avoid being that lame old missionary that is just way chill and nothing matters. That ain’t me. 

So it’s been fun, having fun in the sun, being safe for the most part, but being obedient so even when not entirely safe, still protected. Right, right? Just kidding, Mom, being safe, too.

Have a great week, love you all and hope everyone has a great week of miracles and spiritual experiences. I liked what Dad said... hopefully everyone "fails better" this week. 

Elder "Burton Guster" Brown

P.S. Oh yeah... there is some problem between Peru and Chile about the divide line, which they have had a war over before, and Chile has been sending up boats to Iquique full of marines to do "practices." Today they are finishing negotiations to see what all happens. Kind of crazy, but just a lot of sensationalism and scare tactics going on. Probably.

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