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December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas to all, and Happy New Year’s!

It has been an amazing week. We have gone caroling, done a Christmas concert for all of Chiguayante, taught some great lessons, talked to a lot of people, had a lot of fun with our missionaries, and built our relationships with the members. We have tons of potential in this ward, and in the zone, and are excited to see miracles as we keep just applying the Gospel of Christ. 

Got some cards from the Bradford family, the Wardrops, and a package from David Bradford that I’m excited to open! Say hello to all of them, and thank you! Also, while we are at it, say hi to Brother Seamons, Brother Wynder, Brother Bachelder, Sister King, Sister Cox, and all the rest of the great ward family. Being in other wards and seeing the importance of the organization, I am SO grateful that I have always been in a great, functional, amazing ward, where I could trust in my leaders 100 percent to be there and always make fun things happen for us youth. And there is nothing like having those elderly examples in the ward, that just teach us so much through their experience, and all the charity and kindness they have. I think it’s still my favorite to visit the fun older members of the wards, they just love everyone so much! And it’s true with the Riverwood Ward, as well. 

It has been a fun week but we now need to get all the zone back on track. Time to put the nose completely back to the grindstone, and, now that no one is distracted by Skype or anything like that, we are going to get things clicking. We are trying to put the focus in the zone of being owners of their sectors-- really just being on top of everything, leaving nothing to chance, following through with all the responsibilities. If we can apply that in all the zone, we will see miracles this month. 

Elder S and I are working hard and having fun, and this week is going to be Great! With a capital G! It is his last week to find people that can still get baptized while he is here, so there is a ton of urgency. We are going to be talking with EVERYONE! Just like we should be every week... Intersting how that works sometimes. 

But, I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas focused on Christ and are making Christ-focused goals for the New Year. My goal is to memorize more scriptures and be a more consecrated missionary. Won’t bore y’all with the specifics but, in the end, what else do you need?! 

Say hello to everyone, and have a great New Year’s!

Just before Christmas, Santa made his customary visit to the family home in Provo and spent a traditional moment with Zach on his knee.

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