Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

It has been an interesting week. Fabian got baptized finally! He was super happy, and his family all came! He is going to be a great missionary someday. 

We have been seeing progress in the zone, as well. It’s amazing what a good direct talk with the leaders can do--I was able to have a good study with one of our district leaders, and the attitude really changed. We are going to start having a lot more success from it. 

I have been really trying to stay focused all the time, to remember the importance of every little thing we do. Someone always sees our example, and the results of our actions. If we ever betray that trust living or doing or saying things that don’t correspond with what we want to be or portray, it can take a long time to rebuild that reputation. So I am trying to be that exact example of obedience, animo, humility, and kindness with firmness that I know that the Savior expects from me. 

We have been working with Claudia, the wife of a less-active member from my old sector in Penco a lot. She is a great mother but we need to help her follow through with her desires and get to Church! And then her family will follow--in the end it all starts with the Mom.

It is interesting to me that it is almost Christmas. When you’re still waiting for the snow to fall, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas at all. I guess in the misison it all just feels the same, we have that same focus on Christ year round. That is such a blessing, and it’s amazing the progress we experience from that. Testimonies build, and our desires to be good turn into actions, which is really the important thing.

We are having fun and seeing the effects in our members, less-actives, recent converts, and investigators! I hope you are all finding ways to spread the love of Christ to all those around you!

Elder Brown

Elder Brown and Elder Rhodes amazed at another enormous lunch provided by Domingo

Fabian's baptism

Fabian with Elder Rhodes and Elder Brown

The mission olympics, which completely failed because no one from the ward came

Jumbo asparagus, Maggie's worst nightmare

Crazy huge hamburger lunch from Domingo

Hermana Maggie made the elders chocolate chip cookies but possibly without any brown sugar but still very delicious

Always too much food!!

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