Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

Hey Everyone!

It has been a great week. We had seven recent converts come to church and four less actives, so the work is going well there. I think that in my time in Tome I’ve really been able to help a lot of people and feel the spirit and grow in a lot of different ways. I am very excited to apply all that I have learned here as I head out to Chiguayante tomorrow! I will be with Elder S from Uruguay; he was comps with Elder R before and seems to be a great guy, so I’m excited for that. I’m leaving the zone in a good place, which I’m happy for, but I wish that the work in our sector was going better. We are still struggling to find some good people. 

I am happy for what I have learned with Elder R. He has been a great example and really helped me grow, I think, in a lot of ways. And aside from all the tough times here, I think that I have had a good effect on the missionaries, which makes me happy. Our district leaders seem like they have grown a lot, and that’s great to see. 

Maybe the most important growth I have seen here, though, is in myself. I have learned to be more direct, trust in the Spirit more, be a better example, and use every opportunity to do what the Lord would. I have learned a lot and it’s been a real shaping time in the mission. I’m so excited to go and apply all that and keep progressing out in Chiguayante! 

Here are some fun pictures of Chilean life. It has been a weird Christmas season, with definitely less emphasis on the commercialism this year. Maybe it’s just a Tome thing but there aren’t many lights, and it still hasn’t really hit, which is a weird feeling, especially with it being so nice out on the beach all the time. Livin’ the life out here in Chile!

So pray for all us missionaries and for the work here! Hopefully all the cambios go well tomorrow and we will see y’all next week!

Elder Brown

Pretty exciting baptism of "my main man" Fabian

The graffiti says Tome is again ZB. How sad!!

Pretty awesome tie we found at the Fam Ortiz!

What a talented zone!

The Tome Zone

The sisters are spelling out "Tome"

Zach is beautiful Dichato

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