Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

Hey, Everyone!

Elder Brown and Elder Durrant here in Valle Hermoso, Penco, Chile. Having real good times. Elder Durrant is a stud! Still working a lot on that language, so keep us in your prayers there.
We have had a fun week, highlights including a baptism in our ward yesterday, of Manuel whom the zone leaders have been teaching. He is a really great guy, and a really great young family, the wife was a less active. Probably the greatest experience of this week and up there on my list of coolest mission experiences was doing the baptismal interview for him--he had been having a lot of doubts and didn’t feel like he was ready to get baptized, just for the doubt that he wasn’t completely sure yet, felt nervous, and didn’t want to do something that he wasn’t sure he would stick to after. So I came into it knowing all that…so I went through all the questions with him, made sure he was good, but then went back. It was amazing to just feel so led, I just felt like I had taken some Felix Felicis and just knew exactly what to do. We read the whole Elder Holland talk from this conference together, said a kneeling prayer together, and talked it all out. He finally decided he was ready. He got baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday! Everyone in the ward was super happy about it, and he is really going to be a very faithful member. So that was very neat there.
In our own sector, we have been having a tougher time, especially getting people to come to church! We were able to find some more people this week that seem interested and willing to make changes in their lives, but were unable to bring anyone to church, which is always depressing. So we will be working on that for next week.
Let’s see... We made another oven for Pablito this week, it rained one day, had a great minicambio with Elder Blomfield, saw Elder Saenz in the office this morning, got an email from Elder Ulibarri, and have spent all week loving the packages we got. All in all, we are having a great time. Elder Durrant and I have been runnning a bit more, which is needed.
Say hi to everyone for me! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!
Elder Brown

 These are "fish cubes" that were dropped off by a woman in the ward for their lunch. Zach said he was extra grateful that they weren't eating it in their home because he didn't have to eat it all in order to be polite. They were not the greatest.
 Manuel, just before his baptism.

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