Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

Hey, Everyone!

It has been a great week, although a very humbling week, possibly the slowest of the mission. We have seen a lot of trials, a lot of rejection, but we have been working super hard and obediently and still have that good attitude; I think that this new week is going to be excellent.
This last week we had some great opportunities to go to a leadership meeting with the assistants and president. We really learned a lot and got to see Elder Saenz there as well, great times. We left Elder Durrant in the sector with another new missionary, Elder Clawson´s new comp, and they just contacted all morning! They found a lady that we are going to go visit tonight, could work out well! Hopefully will--we would really love to find some more people here to start teaching.

In other news--Wednesday was Elder Durrant’s birthday--it was great! Pablito wanted to do a surprise party so we just talked in Spanish and planned it all and no one was the wiser. Ha ha! It was fun and really gave Elder Durrant a boost, I think. We spent all day avoiding the subject, not saying anything, but then at the end of the day it was super cool.
Anyways, not really any other news. Pablito is a champ. He loves us so much, and we love him. Great little old man with a huge heart--he asked the bishop if he could give a talk in the ward and the bishop let him, so we helped him prepare it all and it went super well! He was really nervous, but very excited. He wanted to come with us all day Saturday to invite people to it. Pablito read his little paper (he doesn’t read very well), and lost his spot and the bishop helped. But then, at the end, he just bore a super strong testimony. It really taught me that it’s a lot better and more powerful to really open up and share what the Spirit prompts you to, than to try to read a rehearsed thing. It’s like the difference between Preach my Gospel and the old discussions. It’s all about the heart.
Stressful week but we are really trying to be a great example of attitude, humility, and really following the Spirit. We know that as we are really obedient, the Lord is going to bless us and we are going to see miracles on miracles on miracles, which is exciting.
I got a great package two weeks ago, and another one today! I feel very blessed. I’ve been sharing well, gave some licorice to this family in our ward that had asked me to have you send licorice, they were very grateful. Winning points with Chileans: priceless. Also, that trail mix from Trader Joe´s-- like a chocolate, peanut butter, cherry, cashew, peanut mix? Fabulous. Maybe my favorite thing ever. Temptation mix or something like that, I think it’s called? Anyways, good stuff. Thanks for all the love and prayers! Pray for Elder Durrant’s Spanish, as well!
Elder Brown

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