Tuesday, November 12, 2013

October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Dear Fam and Friends,

It has been a great week. We had interviews with President this week, and they went really well. Elder R and I had a chance to talk with him just one on one and get all of his insights into the zone; it was fabulous, and we are going to see some changes, I am sure. He had a lot of great things to say, and really helped me personally as well; I am very grateful for the time I have left in the mission to work on my Christ-like-ness. It’s a work in progress. Baby steps.

So, interviews….Also did a mini-cambio with Elder D from Quirihue, a new missionary, super fun guy, doesn’t speak a lick of the language but it was fun. We walked in through a guy’s gate to knock his door--usually that’s not a problem with people here but he got super mad at us, and, at this point, I have had my fair share of handling mad Chileans, so I just told him that "we said permiso" and then just tried to share with him anyways. Oh, well. It’s weird to me that I’m where Elder C and all them were when I started. I wonder if the new missionaries see me as I saw them... 

Saturday, the sisters baptized A that we had taught--the sisters are getting it done here. Just cleanin’ up everything we start, which is good. People coming to Christ. 

It’s been nice weather; my skin is getting better little by little, fitness too--we are running a lot on the track and it’s been great to get that stress out. We had leader council this morning and now we have a ton of great ideas and animo as to what we are going to do to improve this month. Gonna be great. 

Oh, we also built a fence today for some of the hermanos of the ward that are starting a business and didn’t want to pay for workers to do it, just the missionaries. It was awkward--obviously we gladly did it but there were nonmembers there who were laughing, telling us that is what you call "aprovecharse de la nobleza" here in Chile--“taking advantage of us” but I learned how to build a fence and it was fun. Dig ‘em up up on, dig it. 

Good stuff!
Elder Brown

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