Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a fun week this week, made a trip out to Quirihue and had a great time, super pretty place. We had a meeting with Elder C, a great guy that goes home today. The last one of my real leaders in the mission to leave; now we are all just young bloods! 

We have been working hard here all week but, come Sunday, not a ton of people showed up to church so that was depressing. I have been having some allergies and skin problems, etc., but the doctor here has given me cualquier cream to try--it doesn’t really work but here’s hopin’.

We were feeling pretty bummed after church for no one coming after saying they were going to but we just kept going, working hard, and that night we met D and his wife, and they have a daughter and her family there, as well. They are pretty great! D asked us if we could tell him more about why Jesus was baptized and why he should do it. We gladly obliged. 

I am working hard on my Christ-like attributes, trying to change the little things to slowly but surely be more patient and humble in every situation. I think the Lord is just helping me out giving me some of these skin problems; clearly, I need more refining than just a mission by itself can give. 

Having fun and working hard! Pray for us and for all the new missionaries in the zone; we need the help of everyone out here in the field--this is the Lord´s work and it will go on! Hopefully we will all go with it!

Have a great week!
Elder Brown

The countryside of Quirihue. I have a great desire to ride a horse over these hills.

Go Timpview, go! Played some tennis with Elder R. Working hard or hardly working?

At a special sisters' conference. We got invited, not because we're sisters but because we're so cool.

The mission got us cars. Sick Hot Wheels. Actually, I bought it for myself. Corvette. Whaaaattt?!!

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