Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Hey, Everyone!

A great week this week, what with conference and all. Really learned a lot, and am in the process of studying and putting specific goals, which I will apply, and we will be more blessed and successful and there shall be much rejoicing. Verify with me on that. But, honestly, a long stressful week.

So, we fell short of our goal of five this week in the conference. We had the people but they faulted the desires to come. But those who did come were changed. At least I was. That last session of conference, with the power trio of Elders Holland, Oaks, and Christofferson... who could have asked for more? We will be going by Nora’s to see how she liked it tonight.

Great story for y'all. That “y'all” is just a little shout out to you folk out in North Carolina (/South Carolina, I guess). Go Duke, go! But, anyways, last week during the mini-mission, when the young kid Tomas from Talca came and worked with me for two days, we met a guy who told us he had found a Book of Mormon and was reading it and had questions for us. So I got his number; he wouldn’t let us come in at that moment. But then, we were walking by the house later, and I felt impressed to stop and knock, even though he had told us he is almost never home and the other people who live there are not interested. But then he came out, and we set a time to meet him in the chapel and teach him! We taught him, and invited him to baptism. He didn’t accept then but set an appointment for the next day. He came, we gave him a tour, we taught him some more, and then he accepted a date and came to the conference! He has a pareja and is not married, so that’s a problem, and he smokes, I think, but we are going to get to work there. Sebastian se llama.

So that’s our cool little story for the week. Many other miracles and cool experiences but I forget sometimes. Don’t worry, I keep a journal.

Cambios were today--we are all staying, except dear Elder Rees, from Kaysville. The man went ahead and went assistant on us. Great choice at this really important time, too--best missionary ever. I learned a ton from him, but it’s sad to see him go. It will change the atmosphere of the house and the ward, I imagine. The ward is still having ward problems. But that’s old news.

Overall, I am having a real great time. Elder Conti died [finished his mission] today--that was weird. Elder Ulibarri will die [finish his mission] in six weeks more. Wow. This is weird. I feel like I am almost a real missionary, almost not new anymore! This is strange. Chile is almost normal now.

Well, love you all! Have a great week! Get busy applying all the conference talks with good goals and everything.

Elder Brown

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