Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 1, 2013

Hey family and everyone!

Well, this week was great. Lots of great experiences, the most special being the baptism of Julian and his two daughters, Barbara and Natalia, this Saturday! It has been such a great blessing and privilege to see them really grow and accept the gospel. They are so great, and I am so excited for how much they are going to continue to grow! That was a great service, and I got to baptize Julian. He is a really big guy. Good thing I have really big muscles. Woops.... never mind.

We also had the chance to do this activity in the entire mission--a mini-mission for all the jovenes over sixteen to come and work with us for a couple days. They got here Thursday and left Sunday. We worked two whole days together. I was with Tomas Kandalaft, a joven from Talca Centro! Great kid, very young; I learned a lot of patience. I also realized that it is quite amazing how far missionaries come in their learning. I mean, this kid already spoke Spanish and he still couldn’t contribute to the lessons! Other than a very powerful testimony, that is. We found some good people with him, and I hope he really grew from it. So all four of us in the house had jovenes with us--8 in total in the sector! It was crazy. Lots and lots of contacts. But we are looking forward to a great week.

We are working hard together and loving the work. Starting to find that rhythm. We have had some pretty big problems with the ward here in the past week. Pretty complicated stuff, and pretty depressing that these things happen.

So that has been what’s been going on here. It’s been a very eventful week. There are big problems with the church in Chile due to old members that don’t apply the gospel. There is a great talk from Elder Hallstrom, I believe, that talks about the difference between the church and the gospel. You have to apply both. If only we could all just be more like Jesus. Maybe I’m naive but it shouldn’t be all THAT hard.

Well, have a great week. Wish us luck. Or better, pray for us to get a family of five in conference this week. We are going to make it happen!

Also, Elder Ulibarri told me they baptized Claudia, the lady we found over there in Talca Centro! It is so awesome. I am really happy for him. They also taught a guy we saw all the time there—they found his house by accident, and they got him baptized! So that’s good. Miracles! Tell everyone hi and have fun with conference! I’m so pumped!

Elder Brown

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