Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

Hey Everyone!

I am still in Talca Centro and will be at least until next Tuesday. This cambio ends the 5th of Feb. The cambio after will be a three-week cambio until Feb 26, I think. Then we will have six more weeks until the next cambio. I hope I get to stay in Talca Centro until Feb 26th; I want to do my part to pull this sector out of sector calamity before I leave it to some other poor elder. And I wanna stay with Elder Ulibarri. He is a bro. Reminds me a TON of Ben. But we will see. Could go either way.

It has been a hard week in Talca Centro. I have heard of dead sectors in the lore of missionary work but never really thought that I would have to work in one. But I guess it depends on attitude. We just had to hit rock bottom before we could really start rockin’ it again. We have had a crazy week with lots of really weird experiences. Let me elaborate.

Monday: We went to Chinese food for P-day. Good stuff; dessert was included in the price (six bucks for lotsa food), and we saw the waitress bring everyone else ice cream so we were pumped. Then she brought us a little bit of cantaloupe each. That was pretty hilarious. Just give the cantaloupe to the Mormons.

Tuesday: We met a "famous" opera singer who has sung all over who told us that a marriage can only last for seventeen years. I told her about my grandparents. Kinda blew her theory and she got mad. That was fun.

Wednesday: We found out the guy Jose that ended up getting baptized in Linares is a con artist, as is his ex-girlfriend who still lives in our ward. He had his own church that went bankrupt. He is wanted in parts of Chile. He completely lied to everyone. Looks like he was scamming the church to get money. Classic.

Thursday: Gave a blessing to a little kid who wouldn’t stop moving. I kept trying to follow my hands to his head. I think it still counts though.

Friday: Gave a blessing to a dying man on a ventilator; not sure that counts as still alive even. That was also strange.

Saturday: An old, creepy lady who is our neighbor (who walked in on us changing the other night just to say hi and to salude my mother for her) asked her to give her a blessing and like grabbed my hand to cross herself. I pulled away really fast but we coulda been 3 for 3 on blessings Thursday thru Saturday.

Sunday: Turns out we pretty much ran Church. We did the Sacrament, I played the piano, Elder U talked, we gave both lessons in the next two hours.

Just another normal week in Talca Centro.

It has been a really tough week but we know as we continue being really, really obedient and diligent, sacrificing and working smart and without regrets, the work is really going to take off here. We have the faith to find many new people in this sector and really change this ward´s perception of missionary work! It is really hot and hard sometimes but as we work hard we really have power and authority and the Spirit to help us. I am learning a lot.

I got a letter from Anna Willoughby from Duke this week! Tell her thanks from me. That was a really nice surprise! It is always great to hear from old Southgate people, and it was great to hear that she is doing well. She said she has a friend leaving to Russia or something soon. Cool stuff. Go Southgate!

Also, the bishop´s cuñada here from Fayetteville went back to NC today after like two months in Chile. She is nice and wants me to visit her when I get home too. Good stuff.

Today we climbed the hill in the morning, played some ping pong in the church, went and got good completos, went to Jumbo to buy (lots of American stuff) and now here we are.

I hope everyone is doing well. I know that the Lord blesses us in our sacrifice, and I want more than anything to make sure all y'all family and friends are being good kids and doing good things. Daily nutrition by the Spirit is really easy and the cure all. Just do it. I feel bad that I’m not giving specific assignments anymore but it’s pretty much that simple.

Have a great week everyone! Hopefully next week I will write with the news that Elder Ulibarri and I will be slam dunking this sector for three more weeks together. ¡Talca Centro- Hijos de Trueno!

Lotsa love to everyone,
Elder Zach Brown

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