Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

WOW. Wow. Wow. Um... wow. WOOOOWWWW.

So, any news I have to send really just got trumped. Dearest Alice is going to AFRICA!!! The Adventures of Alice in Africa. Hermana... or Irmä Bradford. Whatever they say in Portugese. Actually this is okay because on a minicambio with Elder Flores in Jardin del Valle this week he told me that I have a Portugese accent while speaking Spanish. I had already almost bitten my tongue in half the day before so that might have been part of it, but anyways... I am SOO PUMPPEDDD. This week was hard just waiting to find out! And leaving May 15... I´ll think about that. That should put her home in November of 2014. Crazy.

Lots of things have been happening here in Talca Centro but mostly me just thinking about where she will be going on her mission. I was obviously still focused in the work but all my spare moments were spent pondering and making bets with other elders. I thought Honduras. No one said Africa. There was some consensus among others she would be headed to Russia because, for some reason, in the MTC it always seems like the large majority of the attractive hermanas are headed to Russia. But what an awesome call. I am sure she will be spending most of her time out there just building all the branches. I wonder how many hermanas they have in that mission?

So Tuesday and Wednesday, I was in Jardin del Valle with Elder Flores, a great, great guy, fun Chilean from Santiago. He is super animated and loves to talk with everyone, like most Chileans. Jardin del Valle is having a tough time right now, really disanimated, but I think his attitude will turn them around. He fell on his bike about a block away from where we started riding on Tuesday afternoon. Got all scraped up. He put lemon juice on it. Told me it was a disinfectant. Sounded reasonable. But we spent the next day in a member’s house after it got all infected, and she had to clean it all out. Bummer. Health issues.

Then we got back to work in our sector. Patricia is doing really well, as is her daughter Alejandra. She is our only young woman now-- if she gets baptized, which she will. She loved church. We have been suffering a little in the heat, especially after eating huge lunches.

We were walking one afternoon and decided to contact a house. This guy answered and let us in. It turned out he was a member from Valparaiso visiting his mom because his dad had just died. The whole family was there but he was the only member. We taught them from Alma 40:11 or something, about the spirit world. 11 and 12, I believe. A little “in the moment” inspiration. They were all really touched and it was awesome to see that the Lord really put us in the place we needed to be in the moment we needed to be there.

I can really see myself starting to grow as a missionary. I feel really, really comfortable in my ability to handle almost anything. Especially since literally every weird thing that could happen does happen to me and Elder Ulibarri. Like we were teaching a lesson and a drunk guy knocked on the door and wouldn’t leave; he kept asking for money. I used to think all these weird things happen everywhere in the mission but apparently it’s just Talca Centro because Elder Ulibarri says these things have never happened to him before.

We are working really, really hard and being very diligent. I really love this work (almost all of the time these days) and am starting to see my effect on people. I hope I get one more cambio here in TC with Elder Ulibarri but I am excited that I am almost finishing up my first sector! Super exciting. I will almost have a year when Allie leaves on her mission! I will be able to look down upon her and her greeny ways. Just kidding I won’t do that. I’m a little nervous that she is going to baptize all of Africa and make it look like I haven’t been doing anything in Chile besides Chillin’, but that’s prideful of me. She is gonna be a great missionary.

I really wanna know when she goes to the temple. That is really one of the most exciting parts about this time for me. I love the temple. I hope she really does too. After lots of times going and receiving inspiration, I know it’s the most special place in the world. I know she will love it.

Elder Brown

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