Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Week 2012!

December 24, 2012

Hey everyone! Feliz Navidad!

We are here, now with Elder Ulibarri from Salt Lake (sorta) in Talca Centro, and life is good!
And busy. Here’s what’s been goin’ on this week.

So on Monday, Elder Conti and I ran all around Talca visiting everyone important before he left
for Longavi. He left Tuesday morning and about forty-five minutes later Elder Ulibarri got here.
He is a smaller guy from the States, went to Westminster for a year before the mission. He has
about six months left in the mission, and is district leader. He is pretty serious but a really good
guy--we are being very diligent and obedient-- I am learning a lot of rules that I never knew
existed before in our mission. Ha ha. Woops. We are also teaching a lot-- this week has been
kind of a test to see how well I know my sector and how well I can work with it. We need to plan
a little better to spend less time on the bike, but that’s really hard to do, and it’s a process. But
with that we are gonna start havin’ a lot more success as well.

Lots of crazy things have happened this week, especially with the end of the world on the 21st.
We got so many questions about that that it was just a little bit disappointing when absolutely
nothing happened. Actually, Tuesday night we had a blackout in the whole region and our
neighbors started going crazy! But it was good stuff, and they came back on fast. We have had
a lot of fun introducing Elder Ulibarri to the sector, and lots of crazy experiences this week. You
can definitely tell a difference with a gringo comp.

We found a great family our first afternoon with Elder Ulibarri. Elder Conti and I had asked the
wife for directions and then the husband let us in and told us his whole life he had felt guilty
because he had been chosen to serve a mission for some church in Rwanda then had gotten
drunk the night before and missed his flight. We are really excited to keep working with them, a
really great family. It was about time.

We are kind of in a hurry, but it’s so great to hear from everyone. Love the pics, especially of
Sam and Allie! Lookin’ good, Sam! ...

Something sad-- I just got a letter that was rejected from the US that I had sent to dear Alice.
That was really sad. I sent it in October and just got it back, so I’m gonna start that process over
again. I am really excited to hear more about Allie´s call and all that, and when she is going to
the temple! I miss the temple. I don’t like thinking about the temple too much-‘ makes me
homesick and trunky.

Our main man, Javier, came to church yesterday! Awkward a little, kind of a weird dude, but he
wants to get baptized and it is gonna change the man’s life. Hopefully the ward can really work
well with him. Also the family of Pilar, who were gonna come to church but ditched us at the last
second, are gonna celebrate on the 25th with us. Hopefully that is fun. Hopefully she will come
to church next week!

One last activity-- On Sunday, we went to sing, us six elders, in a populacion for this less active
guy, Jorge Nunez. I played the keyboard an we sang two hymns, and then he wanted me to
sing one solo. I sang Silent Night in English and forgot the words to the second verse. So I just
sang that. "I don’t know the rest of the words, but Jesus was born and that’s really good," or
something like that. Oh, well. No one understood anyway.

Excited to hear about Duke! And what Tom and Cars are doin’ well! Send my regards to family,
the Jacobs, the Hammonds I guess, Ben, and all that!
Gotta go, but see ya tomorrow!

Feliz Navidad!
Elder Brown

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