Friday, September 21, 2012

Week 8

September 21, 2012

Hey everyone! So let's see-- not a whole lot has been going on this week. We were hosts for new missionaries on Wednesday-- it was fun but kind of sad. We stood at the curb and helped them unpack their cars and then showed them to their room and class and around and stuff. It was pretty awkward with all the crying parents and everything-- we were only supposed to give them like four minutes tops but some were just taking forever.

We appreciate all Mom's wishes to bake us desserts—although, honestly, all the MTC desserts are like the same thing she makes. Almost like those are just the Mormon recipes that I thought only she knew but apparently the MTC knows too, but they just can’t make it quite as well.

So let’s see... nada mucho esta pasando aqui, except we are speaking WAY more Spanish and really getting pretty good. The lessons are just like almost second nature now, up until the fourth lesson because we don’t usually get that far. We had an interesting devotional on Sunday from some high up person about the Book of Mormon musical and ‘the Mormon moment’ and the Church's response to it. He showed a clip of the musical during his talk. It was really kind of a strange experience but a pretty good talk. We have moved on to new investigators-- we are now teaching the hermanas in the district, all of whom are not exceptionally good at Spanish so it’s a little bit difficult. They teach us too in return-- we pretend to be different people-- one of the first days we were teaching them and talking about prophets, one of them asked 'Ustedes tienen una persona como la popa?' or something along those lines. Being elders in the MTC, we had learned from the first week here that 'popa' is the word for poop, not the Pope as she thought, so Elder Clawson responds 'Casi, pero no.' Close, but no. Pretty funny.

We still don't have our travel plans--hopefully we get them today. But I heard from Pres. Humphreys that we will be flying into Concepcion from Santiago, and I think he wrote we arrive the 2nd of October, so we probably leave here the 1st, I would guess. I am going down with Elder Erickson probably, who is serving in Rancagua, and he is the funniest, coolest guy ever so it should be pretty fun. He is a little bit behind in Spanish though, it’s pretty funny, and Chilean Spanish is even harder, so he will probably have a real fun couple of months coming up.

Elder Brown

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