Sunday, September 30, 2012

LAST letter from the MTC! (Week 9)

September 29, 2012

Hey everyone!

This last week in the ol' Centro de Capatacion por Misioneros has been great. It's been pretty relaxed, just going to class, really just trying to ponder a lot, and it feels a lot more real knowing I am going to be down in Chile in a week. Super exciting. It’s been a little colder-- we have been whipping out the jackets though and studying outside-- nice and crisp. Keeps ya awake. Learned a lot this week, and the language is coming right along. I’m not worried about really being able to understand people-- we have had a couple Chileno speakers for TRC and they have been a little harder to understand than Mexicanos or Salvadorenos or whatever, but if I listen closely I can understand. It’s just I’m not quite able to put all my thoughts together as quickly-- there is kind of like an awkward two second pause after they say anything to me. Oh, well. It’ll come.

Today we have our p-day-- two hermanas left today, and one elder-- they were reassigned to Ogden and LA to wait for their visas to Spain. The rest of us pretty much leave Monday. Elder Clawson leaves Sunday night-- gonna miss the guy, real good kid. Weird to think we will be in different countries actually doing all the stuff we have been practicing and learning next week. I feel ready and everything, but it’s still just weird.

We are getting haircuts today- gotta look fly for the field. I’m thinking I'll just go with the ol’ mohawk.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CANDACE!!!!!! Now she has a whole year of bad luck-- 13. Bummer.

Now letters are gonna take a lot longer to get to me! I'll send off one last round of letters today from the MTC, but after that, honestly, don't expect quite as many letters being sent. I'll just try to include more in my emails, maybe send off two or three each p-day, but from what it sounds like we are just gonna be super busy all the time.

I'm traveling down with seven elders-- I've met like three of them-- they seem like nice guys. Should be good!

From what it sounds like in letters, everyone's lives are workin’ out pretty well right now-- Maggie's got herself an hombre, Candace is actually enjoying middle school (who’da thought?), Rachel is Rachel, and Dad's biggest problem is that golf season is ending soon. He could come down to Chile to play-- I hear Concepcion has some sweet courses.

Well, that’s about it for this week-- here's a little spiritual birthday thought for the little un-- one of the stories they told in infield orientation yesterday was about this race in Australia-- a 540 mile running race that they run for eighteen hours, then sleep six, then run, etc, for 5 days. It’s really just a race for like superathletes who get sponsored by Nike and stuff, but one year this one old sixty-year-old guy in overalls and boots shows up. Everyone is laughing when he signs up for the race, and by the end of the first eighteen hours he is way behind. But when they wake up they see he has run all night, and he is in the lead. This keeps happening until he finally wins at the end with a new course record. His name was Cliff Young or something. So be consistent! Like it says in Alma, the small and simple things we do all the time are what keep us going and approaching that finish line, even if it is 540 miles away!

Well, there ya go. Peace out Provo.

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