Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

Hey, All!

It’s been a good week, having fun with Elder M. This guy is a stud! He is just starting out as zone leader and is definitely just a good solid person. Really humble, really nice, loves everyone, and just pumped to learn and work hard. It has been a slow week for us with the finding, but we are being very diligent and obedient and the blessings are going to come. Hopefully sooner rather than later so I can see some more white before July! 

He is from Peru and knows how to cook, which every house we go into asks him and wants to make use of, we have been invited to so many lunches in the past few days! Not that I blame them, Peruvian food is amazing. So that adds some spice (literally) to the same ol’ same ol’ Chilean cuisine.

The zone is really progressing, besides for one or two problem sectors, everyone has really been working hard and the blessings are coming. We always work with goals as a zone as well, and this month we are not only going to meet them, I think, but we should be able to do way better! And I know that as we remain faithful to our plans, and really do what the Lord wants in each sector, it’s going to happen. The blessings always come. 

It’s been a great week as far as the Spirit goes; we have had some great short lessons with people, and we are going to keep working on getting a good commitment out of people. We had some good talks about the difference between the gift of the Holy Ghost and just feeling it, and what it means to be "strong in the spirit,” as it says in D&C 84:106, if I’m not mistaken. To me, that strength in the spirit comes from 1) recognizing it, and 2) following it always. If that were a pattern we would all follow more strictly, I imagine the results would really show.

So much rain! Pray for this week to be not as rainy. We have been working hard to run and stuff, too, but I’m kind of sick. But just details; the work goes on. Like the talk from Elder Holland says, it’s hoped for there to be a stinkin’ ambulance waiting to receive returning missionaries for giving it their all to the end. Challenge accepted.

Love you all and have a great week!

Eldercito Brown

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