Saturday, August 25, 2012


MTC Rap 
By Zach & the other Elders of his District 
(as mailed to Allie, 8/25/12)

(no title) -it's pretty indie like that. 

Just kickin' it here in the MTC,  
Ain't nobody here as spiritual as me, 
On that side we got the speedsters, Brown & Clawson 
On this side it's the big dogs, Howe & Walton. 
We live the life, we're missionaries, 
Except when Clawson tells us stories that are super scaries. 
District A, we report to district leader Brown, 
We're the baddest 4* elders you've ever seen around. 
We're the best in the zone, 
We're bad to the bone, 
We can't use a phone, 
But we're at the top all alone.  
We reppin 8A til we die 
In our nametags we look fly. 
We are the best, we know you hear it 
Try to ignore us, and you'll get shocked by the Spirit! 

eehhhhhh, in the MTC (x4)* 
*now 7 
*I had direct orders from Elder Walton to write eehhhhhh w/ 2 e's and 6 h's. 

DJ microonda --> (microwave--cuz he gets hot in a hurry) 

As Allie summed this up so nicely, “It looks like they need a place to release all their pent-up humility.


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